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With the advance of the digital age, particularly Internet and computer use the need for comfortable, healthy seating in the office has never been more important.

The term Ergonomic office chairs has become one that most business owners and their office staff are aware of, however unlike a lot of office furniture and equipment there is no precise definition of just what Ergonomic Office Seating is or should be.

We aim to clarify this for you so that you know exactly which key points to take into account when selecting Ergonomic Office Chairs.

This lack of clarity isn't altogether surprising as in reality there are many ways in which an Ergonomic Office Seat can be designed and created. It is a relatively new science and new research into office ergonomics is being conducted all the time.

Office chair manufacturers haven't been slow to see the sales potential for Ergonomic Office Chairs. Whilst the majority are genuinely doing their best to produce quality ergonomic office products, there are less scrupulous suppliers who are quite happy to take advantage of the uninformed or unsuspecting Ergonomic Office Chair buyer.

Within this Ergonomic Office Seating section of our site you will find everything you need to know about the subject of office chair ergonomics to help ensure that you can easily identify good Ergonomic convertable chairs from cheap junky products that don't deserve even a moment of your consideration.

There are 4 separate sections to this part of our site:

Here is where you will find advice, tips and guidance together with product reviews of the ergonomic seating suitable for business and corporate users.

Turning to convertible furniture we look at the more up market products and features that are likely to appeal to senior management and executives within the business, together with reviews of the best models.

As you plan your layout we cover a popular alternative form of seating ideas that have proved useful for chair users who have found that they just can't find a comfortable conventional chair. We explain the concept of this alternative form of office seat as well as reviewing the most popular models.

In our last section we look at chairs that contain yet more alternative forms of seating for those experiencing problems with mainstream ergonomic office chairs or who work at higher than normal work surfaces.

So, we suggest you begin by looking at how to understand the essential features you must include.


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